Project information shared to Tan Son Nhut Association Veterans!!!


Following contact, Kerry Kivers & Larry Fry shared the Patriots Parkinson's Project in their Revetments publication to ALL MEMBERS of this Vietnam Veterans group at!!!

City of Milton endorses Patriots Parkinson's Project!


Meeting led by Hannah Staten with Community Outreach Manager, Courtney Spriggs, resulted in an endorsement of the Patriots Parkinson's Project and inclusion in future City of Milton veteran events!!!

Parkinson's Foundation provides information to Patriots Project!


Leilani Pearl, the Vice President & Chief Communications Officer of the Parkinson's Foundation, has provided Hannah Staten with information to share via the Patriots Parkinson's Project!!!



The Founder

Hello! I am Hannah Staten! I am a Milton High School student from Georgia with a deep personal connection to Parkinson's Disease. 

Please take a few minutes to check out at my website for information on Agent Orange, its links to diseases like Parkinson's, and other information that you might not be aware of!  Thank you! 


My Patriot: My Grandfather

My grandfather, U.S. Air Force Major Carroll M. Staten,  was very involved in my life and he attended all of my life events from awards ceremonies to watching me cheer, play basketball, & lacrosse. His life was cut short by Parkinson's Disease as he never got to see me play field hockey or captain my cheer squad.  I was living with him & my grandmother at the time of his passing so this disease is something I will never forget!

After watching the effects of this terrible disease on my grandfather, I now dedicate my time to the chance to help others and their families facing this dreaded disease.  While I started this site with a veteran focus, I shockingly learned that children of exposed veterans may also be at risk!


My Story

My grandfather, U.S. Air Force Major Carroll M. Staten, served during the Vietnam War when soldiers were exposed to the chemical Agent Orange. I watched my grandmother struggle daily with caring for my grandfather in his debilitating condition. Those images will forever be ingrained in my mind so I realized the importance of families being connected to Parkinson's Disease resources as soon as possible so they can be helped in their own struggles.


My Mission

My project has four objectives: 

  1. Awareness of the Parkinson's Disease link to Agent Orange exposure
  2. Outreach to veterans and their families
  3. Provide exposure risk information on the Agent Orange exposure
  4. Options for next steps for those veterans and families to explore

Stay Connected!

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